21 hours..

Today is going to be a tough day, its been 21 hours since i last woke up from slumber. of course the culprit is anxiety…

Last night I really struggled to get to sleep, instead of the usual panicking and forcing myself to sleep i just decided to drain out the energy and let my racing mind do its course. I stayed up all night watching Jane Austin movie recreations of her novels and then in the early hours of the morning I watched jimmy fallon shows on youtube and giggled myself wide awake. I decided instead of sleeping the day away i would stay up and go to bed tonight, which on one hand sounded easy but so far I’m really struggling! on the plus side i actually went through with todays plan of meeting the partner in town for food and coffee. I cant say I’m great company though as i am like a walking zombie..just staring at my computer screen whilst the whole world passes by in front of me. I literally feel so careless today, like a numb sensation which to any other person would be annoying and a shitty side effect to no sleep. for me its great as i don’t have to feel the constant anxiety pulsing through my body every moment of the day. I can just sit here and feel like today is a write of, a break from reality and a bit of piece and quiet before another shit storm hits tomorrow.

Happy Thursday everyone!

See you soon

A xx


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