10 things I’m worried about.

So I read a blog post on here today that got me thinking.

22 productive things to do when your feeling lost and don’t know whats next. It’s a self help list of things to do to get you through that stage. one of the things suggested was to make a list of 10 things that are worrying you, heres my list.

  1. money- not being able to pay my bills
  2. my dark thoughts and what it may lead me to do
  3. my lack of care for my health and wellbeing
  4. not becoming something my family can be proud of
  5. losing matt (my fiance)
  6. being unlikable
  7. carrying on like this ( going around in circles in life)
  8. never being good enough – my beauty and my brains
  9. not being able to get past my mental health issues and my past
  10. having no passionate skills to progress in a career or personally (like art or playing an instrument ect)

When I look at this list i feel empty like I have no idea where to start to change this list, I feel lost in how to make things better. Im worried that i’ll never be able to change the things on this list, but i need to not give up. At least i made this list and i know my worries in life, its just about getting past this list and making a change.

See you soon, A xx


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