So today I slept in as per usual.. I had plans to see my partner in town for a coffee at our usual spot to apply for jobs and do my blog.

I almost bailed on the plan as I had already slept most my morning/day away but I decided not to let myself down and my partner down. So I got up, showered and headed into town to our spot. As I set up my laptop which coffee in hand I received a call from a job I had previously applied for offering me a telephone interview. The job is ideal for my circumstances at the moment and I feel It would be ideal. Funny thing is its opposite the road from my previous job that i recently left due to anxiety. But now that I have a future goal I feel I would be able to handle it this time. Anyway I’m jumping way too far ahead lets see how the phone interview goes. Also made the decision to come off my meds which could be great or terrible, I haven’t been very good at taking them every day and it’s been really messing with my head so I decided to just go cold turkey. I know this will be hard for the first few weeks but I can get through it and it will feel nice to be completely drug free and try and find myself again.

Wish me luck!

see you soon, A xx


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