Conversations, and new things to come.

The other day my mum said something to me that really made me think.

She said “stop using anxiety or depression as an excuse for your actions, your making yourself believe you have a mental illness”. Part of what she’s saying makes sense, I understand why she would say something like that. I know I have anxiety and depression, I have been diagnosed by a medical professional that has prescribed me medication to help ease my symptoms. BUT the reason I’m saying I understand her words is because I need to learn to separate my mental health from normal traits such as laziness, being tired, not wanting to do something out of personal gain. Of course both of these go hand in hand but its about realising that waking up in the morning because I have something planned Is going to be difficult and I will feel like sleeping in. Not just because I’m depressed and want to sleep the day away but because I’m a normal person, everyone has felt like this in the morning. When situations like this occur I need to slap myself in the face and say THIS IS A NORMAL FEELING! NOW GET UP LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD HAVE TO EVERYDAY.

I had an interview for a job yesterday and I absolutely smashed it, just need to go in to an assessment day with them tomorrow and as long as that goes smoothly I will be starting by the end of the month. So to conclude why these two paragraphs go together.. I need to learn that most people don’t want to wake up in the morning and drag them selfs to work but they do it, because its apart of living. So thats my new moto for things to come.

see you soon, A xx




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