Weekend gone wrong

So this weekend has been a hectic one to say the least, 2 consecutive nights of planned drinking.

On Friday night I had plans to watch a football game with my partner and his family, Im not a huge fan of sports but I entertain the idea of it for my partners sake. We set off to the pub to make it in time for kick off and the weather was absolutely terrible. The winds where so strong it was nearly pulling me over and the rain was only light but because of the wind it hit my face like tiny swords. All the effort I made to look nice went out the window within 5 minutes. And to make matters worse my football fanatic Fiance was making me walk too fast when I was walking in heels, next thing I know I’m face down on the wet floor wrenching in pain as I hit my already injured knee on the pavement. He just stood there staring at me saying come on get up, when I obviously needed assistance! so In the end I just snapped at him and said well help me get up then to which he replied, I cant pull you up by myself your too heavy. After I finally got up and after the mini argument in the street which was obviously so loud a man and his dog came out the house nearest to us and asked if I was ok and my reply was a moody “yes I’m fine!”which I now regret snapping at the stranger who was just being nice. We finally got to the pub just after kick off which was all my fiance was interested in still, I was drenched from the pavement I fell on and looked a complete mess from the weather. I just sat there most of the night in a foul mood.

The next night was a get together at the pub for my fiances mums birthday, It started out to be a nice evening until my partner bumped into some friends at the pub and spend most of the night leaving me with his family whilst he socialised with his friends. don’t get me wrong I enjoy his family’s company and I have no issue with his friends there nice too. It was the fact that we were there for his mums birthday and he spent the entire evening sat with someone else, to me I find that incredibly rude! Not only that but he had gone to the bar to get me a drink and instead of bringing it back to me he just sat with his mates and in the end my sister in laws boyfriend walked over to the table and got my drink for me. anyway I obviously didn’t say anything as i didn’t want an argument there and then. When we all decided to leave we were all sat in a group and matt had brought his friends over to sit with us for the last 10 minutes we were there. He decided to invite them back to his house for some drinks which wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t for the fact only a couple of weeks ago his dad said he wasn’t aloud to drink in the house and make noice all night let alone invite more people back. In the end it was a nice evening and obviously i enjoyed myself as it wasn’t me that was going to be in trouble. I convinced him to text his dad to warn him of who was here and what we were doing before he got home which worked as his dad was appreciative of the warning and said to clean up after and keep the noise down. when the night came to an end and everyone left we headed up to bed and that was when I decided to bring up everything, he was drunk and was acting like a child putting his fingers in his ears and trying to bring up times where i’ve behaved similar to shift the blame from him to me. He then couldn’t accept what I had said and stormed off and went on a walk. I tried to call him to get him home but he ignored me, at that point I was tired and fed up so I went to sleep. Now its Sunday and have woken up with bad anxiety, I was worried about him getting told off from his parents which effects me as I was staying over. I was still pissed off that he behaved like this all weekend and upset at the fact we didn’t spend much time together.

anyways thats enough ranting for one day, first world problems and all that.

see you soon, A xx






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